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Modified Chameleon Box

  • AP01495.1
  • AP01495.2

A variation on the Owen Magic Chameleon Box, this modified version made by Richard Buffum. A red box changes to blue, or the blue box changes back to red, on the command of the performer, when he places a red or blue block inside. Unlike the Owen version, this model changes on all four sides. For a finale, when the inner block is dropped out of the box, it has transformed into a white block, which may be examined by the spectators. No instructions, being the only model made by Buffum, and signed and dated by him under the base of the prop. Buffum, a well-known reporter for Los Angeles newspapers, was also a noted author, and a publisher of many fine books on magic under the imprint he operated, Abracadabra Press. He manufactured a number of props for his own use in his own performances, including this version of the Chameleon Box. He also occasionally built props for other performers.

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