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"Drumhead" Candle to Silks

  • MA1712.jpg

The magician lights a candle. He now picks up and shows a handsome chrome tube, showing clearly through this. The tube is placed over the candle so that the candle can be seen burning over the top of the tube. Candle is stuffed or blown out. The magician now picks up a small square of tissue paper, placing this over one end of the tube and securing this in place with a metal ring. Another piece of paper is taken and placed over the other end and this is secured also with a metal ring. The “drumhead tube” which has thus been formed is given to a spectator to hold. Two different color silks are now shown and vanished by any method. The performer or the spectator can burst the paper at each end from one side emerges one color silk, from the other color silk. Straight away the tube can be shown clear through, there is no trace of the candle anywhere! Includes the instructions. A few small paint chips to candles, else in very good condition.

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