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Fork & Spoon Routine

  • MA1206.jpg

From your inner pocket, you take out a cloth napkin wrapped around a spoon and fork. You show the cutlery to the spectators and let them hold it in their hands. Show the napkin. Begin by telling them that this is a kind of a game. You now take the spoon and fork and wrap the napkin around them again. Take out utensil one and hide it in your hand so that nobody can see which you have taken out. Leave the other utensil in the napkin onto the table. Nobody can tell which is the spoon and which is fork. Ask now which they think you have in your hand. After the answer you show that you have taken out the spoon. Ask what you can eat with a spoon. When they have answered you do a magic move over the spoon and it changes into a fork. Remove the napkin from the fork wrapped in the napkin on the table and they will see that it has changed into a spoon. Everything can be left on the table. Includes original box and instructions. Toning to cloth, else in very good condition.

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