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Hillbilly Bills

  • MA1097.jpg

Two sets of bills are shown. Each set contains a one, five, ten, and a twenty dollar bill. The four bills of one set are laid on the table in front of a spectator. The other set of bills is retained in the performer’s hand. A large safety pin is seen dangling below the fan of bills in the performer’s hand. A duplicate pin is given to the spectator and he is asked to think of one of the bills before him, change his mind as often as he wants, and finally to pierce the bill he’s thinking of with the safety pin. After he’s done this, the performer removes from his own hand the three bills which match those the spectator did not pierce. The remaining bill, the one that matches the bill impaled by the spectator is seen to have the safety pin hanging from it. Apparently, the performer had predicted in advance the bill the spectator would select. Includes instructions. Very good condition.

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