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New Generation Time Ahead

  • MA1501.jpg

Two decks of cards, a red deck, and a blue deck, are displayed. An audience member selects one of the decks (let’s assume they have chosen the red one). After showing the faces of the blue deck, the performer selects three blue cards as “predictions.” Without showing them to the audience, he places them, one at a time, onto three points of a six-pointed star, and backs toward the audience. The volunteer selects three cards from the face-up red deck. The performer places these cards onto the remaining points of the star and faces toward the audience. The six cards are in alternating order: blue back, red face, etc. The performer spins the star and turns it around so that the faces of the blue predictions and the back of the red cards are facing the audience. When the star stops moving, the values of the prediction cards are exposed. They match the other three freely chosen cards! Includes instructions and original box; as new and in very good condition.

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