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Dr. Rhine Improved

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A volunteer from the audience is shown the board with the six cards inserted behind the elastics. You remove the three un-gimmicked cards, fairly showing the board as you do so. You close the board, and then permit the spectator to remove the three cards, which are behind the gimmicked cards. Since the cards protrude about an inch from the edge of the board, they merely pull them out. Now open the board slightly and turn it toward yourself. Replace your cards to correspond with the gimmicked cards, but face down. The cards should protrude from the board about a half an inch, so they stay in full view of the audience. Ask the spectator to mix their cards face down. Ask s/he to hand you any card face down without viewing it. Ask spectator to tell you which space he would like you to place the card in left, middle or right. You insert the selected card into the space requested by the spectator, placing it behind the gimmicked card. If the spectator’s card matches the gimmicked card, show the card to the audience before placing it into the frame. This will enhance the climax of the miracle. By this method, all three cards of the spectator are returned to the frame and lined up. Now show the open board to the audience and spectator. Then remove your cards, turn them over and re-insert in the frame. Do this quickly, and then hold the board aloft for all to see that your cards match those of the spectator. Includes instructions. Excellent condition.

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