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Hindu Floating Rope

  • MA0460.jpg

Magician displays a long rope which is loosely coiled about his hand. He drops all but one end of the rope to the floor. The end being held is lowered until it is close to the floor. On command, the rope suddenly becomes rigid and stands erect. Then the rope slowly rises until it is several feet higher than the magician. At this time, performer can walk all the way around the floating rope. He grasps the rope with both hands and pulls it back down to his own height whereby, he may pass either hand over the top of the rope to demonstrate the absence of support from above. If the rope is held by one hand and squeezed, it appears to "squirt" up through the fingers. To conclude the effect, the rope may be either loosely coiled about the hand or permitted to fall limp to the floor. In the original box. Very good condition.

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