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Miniature Toilet Paper Roll

  • AP1613.1
  • AP1613.2
  • AP1613.3
  • Size: height 1"
  • Condition: unused

Sweet relief! We here at Quicker than the Eye have solved the national toilet paper crisis - sort of.

Now in stock, and selling like - well, like toilet paper - are these tiny rolls of novelty bath tissue. Made to exacting specifications, they're just like the real thing, only smaller. Much smaller.

These miniature rolls are perfect gifts for friends (as a joke), gags for enemies (as a prank), and make great giveaways for anyone you think needs a laugh (or a groan - and don't we all these days?). Just 1" tall, they look and work like the real thing, but are truly miniature. The realistic custom printed paper wrappers encase miniature spools of soft tissue-like paper wound on a central spindle, just like the real thing.

Hand them out as a way to brighten someone's day, or set a stack in your medicine cabinet or on the back of your toilet for a guaranteed chuckle.

Start hoarding today! 

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