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Carter the Great Condemned to Death for Witchcraft

  • LI0489.jpg

Billboard-size color lithograph poster depicting the magician’s limp body hanging from a noose, his ghost spiriting up and away from the excited crowd. 105 x 80”. Linen-backed (with some creases, small chips, minor occasional wear evident, but generally bright and attractive. The gallows illusion depicted in this poster was a feature of the Carter illusion show for years. The apparatus was constructed by the famous firm of F.G. Thayer of Los Angeles, and may have been the largest magic prop the company built. The effect was a marvelous and magical exchange; though it appeared that the victim was executed by hanging, after the trap had been sprung, the magician's assistant reappeared elsewhere, usually running down the aisle of the theater - entirely unharmed - as if she (or he) had never been placed in harm's way in the first place.

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