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Mac Norton Poster

  • LI0504.jpg

One-sheet lithograph poster of Mac Norton, the regurgitator. A music hall star in Europe, Norton made a name for himself with an act consisting of the swallowing of several live frogs and goldfish, which he later regurgitated, "alive and keecking." His turn also included the regurgitation of liquids, as depicted in this rare Friedlander lithograph, which shows Norton consuming not only one of his small acquatic co-stars, but a massive amount of beer. He would later regurgitate both, to the delight and horror of variety show audiences across the continent. A longer discussion of Norton and his career can be found in Ricky Jay's seminal book, Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women. A genuinely rare poster, of which only a handful of examples are known. Linen backed. Original folds lines expertly restored. A-.

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