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Pieces of Dreams, Book #2

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Pieces of Dreams, Book #2 – The Rest of the Story. First printing. Illustrated, 131 pages. This is the second installment of Johnny Meah's autobiography, chronicling his life in, around, and contributing to circuses, and sideshows. Now best-known as a painter of sideshow banners in the grand tradition of Fred Johnson and Snap Wyatt, Meah started in show business as a clown, but eventually learned the skills of sword swallowing and fire eating. This book chronicles many of his experiences in his early days as a circus insider. As Johnny writes: "When we were first married, my wife, Mary would tell people that I was famous. I would tell her in the kindest way that famous people were usually wealthy and that I was "well known" and simply made a living. Despite receiving my fair share of media attention with my banner painting and sword-swallowing performances, I've been perfectly happy to go through life doing something that the public enjoyed enough to allow me to put food on the table and a roof over my head. My early years in show business were, however, often devoid of these basic needs. I was encompassed in a performance role that was acknowledged only by those I worked for or worked with. Still, this role that I self-cast myself in did produce two things that kept me moving forward; Laughter and personal gratification, (neither, in themselves, highly nutritious or monetarily rewarding), but certainly capable of some great "sitting around the campfire" stories. This is your reserved seat around that campfire! Only twelve copies available. Exclusive to QTTE!

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